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Sloped Covered Tortoise Runs

Order your Tortoise housing by Contacting us via e-mail at or phone on 01890 818584. See our Order Houses page to find out why we request payments when you're at the front of the Order queue.

Sloped Covered Runs are designed to fit in front of All-Season Houses in a similar way to the picture below. This was a custom Natural Ground set-up with two Sloped Covered Runs to fit on top of the sleepers fitted by the customer. Our standard Sloped Covered Runs will have 30 cm cladding sides like our Outdoor Runs with the same glazed triangular sides on top as shown here. This Sloped Covered Run has a footprint of only 0.7 m x 1.0 m, whereas our standard ones will go out 1.0 m from the house with a footprint of 1.0 m x 1.0 m.

The first picture above actually shows the Sloped Covered Run without the glazed top panel fitted. The picture below is another Custom run that has a Sloped Covered Run with only meshed frames at one end and a glazed top added on the left-hand side. This allows the Glazed Top to be removed when the temperature is warm enough for the species of tortoise you have. There is also a glazed panel on the side of the run below the top that would be good if you had a species that was tolerant to cooler temperatures but not wet ground, like Horsefield tortoises.

The glazed top on the above picture shows the new way that the glazed tops will allow the water to run off better (no wood on top of the polycarbonate on the lower edge).

Small Sloped Covered Run1.0 m1.0 m0.8 m - 0.3 m£649.99
Medium Sloped Covered Run1.5 m1.0 m0.8 m - 0.3 m£849.99
Large Sloped Covered Run2.0 m1.0 m0.8 m - 0.3 m£1199.99
Extra Large Sloped Covered Run2.0 m1.0 m1.0 m - 0.3 m£1249.99

Sloped Covered Runs that are specially designed to fit in front of Natural Ground Houses can be found on the Natural Ground Runs page.

Order your Tortoise housing by Contacting us via e-mail or phone.

Please see the Order Houses page for to find out why we request payments when you're at the front of the Order queue.

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Order your Tortoise housing by Contacting us

phone - 01890 818584

See our Order Tortoise Houses page for details about how to pay.

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