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African Tortoises

Temperature range: 20 - 50 degrees celsius

Humidity: Low to high humidity - tortoises found on everything from sand dunes through to environments like tropical tortoises in the fertile areas and grasslands, however they are all adapted for drier environments than Tropical tortoises and typically have lower-fertility grass-based diets.

​Natural UV levels: Moderate to high equivalent approximately UVB 5-10% - tortoises typically live in areas that are partially protected from the sun most of the time to prevent dehydration such as forest floors or well established grassland.

Typical tortoise species are;

Leopard (G. Pardalis), Sulcatas (Giant Spur-Thighs), Egyptian (T. Kleinmanni or F. Nabulensis), Tunisian Spur-Thighs (T. Gracea), Algerian or Moroccan Spur-Thigh (F. Whitei)

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