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Indoor Tortoise Tables

Order your Tortoise housing by Contacting us via e-mail at or phone on 01890 818584. See our Order Houses page to find out why we request payments when you're at the front of the Order queue.

Wood tortoise tables are usually the preferred way of providing indoor housing for tortoises.  The only exception being tortoises who need high-humidity environments such as Redfoot tortoises, most other Tropical tortoises and some African species. Higher-humidity can be achieved with plastic, glass or fibreglass tables providing they are large enough for good air-flow as well. The substrate (ground material) usually dictates the humidity. We recommend the use of natural substrate such as soil, sand and non-moulding mulch. All of our plywood is WBP standard so is water resistant finished with hardwood veneers and can be treated with indoor floor paint to increase the lifespan of the wood if required. Marine plywood can be used as a custom order.

Tortoises who are particularly damp or draught sensitive following an illness may require permanent indoor housing. Essentially, any tortoise table should have as large a floor area as possible, with at least two sides that are easily accessible. Typically, UV lighting and heatlamps are suspended over the table to replicate the heat and light usually provided by the Sun outdoors, essential for the health of all reptiles. Heat and light packs are available on the Housing Accessories page.

Pictured above is a large tortoise table 2 m x 1 m with a custom hide door 35 cm x 35 cm.

Cosy Tortoises Tortoise Tables come in five standard sizes which are available as solid premium pine panel sides with or without a hide. If none of the five standard tables are suitable for you then you can choose your own size. Please visit the Custom Housing page and fill in a Custom Quote Form to inform us about your requirements. Please note that these Tortoise Tables are only suitable for indoor use. Heat and light packs, as well as colour upgrade options are available on the Housing Accessories page.  Lampstands (simple frame over the table secured to two sides) can be added for £25 extra on request.

Cosy Tortoises Tortoise Tables are available in five sizes, with tortoise hide included.

Juvenile Tortoise Table with hide80 cm45 cm20 cm£59.99
Small Tortoise Table with hide100 cm100 cm40 cm£179.99
Medium Tortoise Table with hide150 m100 cm40 cm£449.99
Large Tortoise Table with hide200 m100 cm40 cm£579.99
Extra Large Tortoise Table with hide200 m200 cm40 cm£749.99

Full Assembly Instructions are always provided for any large item requiring partial assembly in their final location. Cosy Tortoises are not liable for assembly costs.

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Order your Tortoise housing by Contacting us

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