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Outdoor Tortoise Runs

Order your Tortoise housing by Contacting us via e-mail at or phone on 01890 818584. See our Order Houses page to find out why we request payments when you're at the front of the Order queue.

Small Tortoise Run1.5 m1.0 m0.5 m£349.99
Medium Tortoise Run2.0 m1.0 m0.5 m£449.99
Large Tortoise Run3.0 m1.0 m0.5 m£579.99
Extra Large Tortoise Run3.0 m2.0 m0.5 m£749.99

Cosy Tortoises Outdoor Tortoise Runs are secure and accessible with premium wood frame meshed sides and removable meshed tops. The Outdoor Tortoise Runs have solid tongue and groove wood cladding around the base to reduce your tortoise's natural instinct to try to escape. Rabbit runs are not suitable because, if your tortoise can see through mesh it will try to get through it, and may hurt themselves or get stressed as a consequence. The planed smooth wood used and plastic coated mesh is of high quality. The quality of the materials increases the security of the enclosure. The tops of the enclosures are removable and can be secured with Hasp and Staples. Hasp and Staples and Padlocks are also available on the Housing Accessories page. Stain colour is Natural Oak unless you request a paint upgrade like the Cornflower one shown in the photo. Paint Upgrade colour options are available on the Housing Accessories page.

Add-on Outdoor Tortoise Runs

Small Tortoise Run1.5 m1.0 m0.5 m£319.99
Medium Tortoise Run2.0 m1.0 m0.5 m£419.99
Large Tortoise Run3.0 m1.0 m0.5 m£549.99
Extra Large Tortoise Run3.0 m2.0 m0.5 m£719.99

To pair an All-Season House with a specially adapted Add-on Outdoor Run, like in the pictures above, let us know when you Order Housing to get free delivery for the Run.

When Add-on Runs are beside the All-Season Houses, the side sections at one end are intended to be fixed onto the house and the nearest top section is made about 5cm shorter so that it fits in front of the house. To access the tortoise house simply remove the nearest top section of the run.

The left-hand picture above had Willow Paint Upgrade and the automatic tortoise-door added with a Standard Medium Add-on Outdoor Run. 

The right-hand picture above shows a custom Add-on Outdoor Run, that was specially requested, as part of a set-up that needed to fit within a fixed plot in a garden beside the customer's home.

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Order your Tortoise housing by Contacting us

phone - 01890 818584

See our Order Tortoise Houses page for details about how to pay.

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