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Housing Accessories

Heat and Light Packages for Cosy Tortoises Houses

Buy Heat and Light Packages direct from our Shop

Each package comes with an Exo Terra Heat Glow Light Lampholder, an Arcadia IR spot bulb (75W for Small pack, 100W for Medium pack, 150W for Large), Habistat Dimmer Thermostat, 24 inch (2ft) Exo Terra or Arcadia UVB tube and 24 inch (2ft) 18W Weatherproof UV unit. It is recommended that the package size should correspond to the size of All-Season House, for instance two Large Heat and Light Packages are required for the Extra Large All-Season House.

Cosy Tortoises Heat and Light Packages


Electrical Installation Package

Includes two sockets, 2-way digital programmer, weatherproof box fitted and is tested by an electrician.

Digital Controller will enable you to switch on and off your light and heat by a programmer everyday. The electrics will be installed into the All-Season Houses and to save you the hassle of drilling holes and installing extra parts and fittings. The electrical installation and UV unit will be tested by a qualified electrician. Note that you will still need an electrician to provide a power supply to the Tortoise House. The plug supplied will be a normal house plug (different from photo above). The plug fitted is not suitable for outdoors use. The plug and outdoor cable will need to be protected from the weather etc. A circuit breaker should be used to protect whichever electric supply the Tortoise house is connected to (standard for all outdoor electrics). You must seek advice from a qualified electrician to safely connect an electric supply to your new Tortoise House. The heat and light package is not included in the price of electrical installation.

Electrical Installation for any Cosy Tortoises House     £339.99  

Outdoor Run Add-Ons to the All-Season Houses

Small Tortoise Run1.5 m1.0 m0.5 m£319.99
Medium Tortoise Run2.0 m1.0 m0.5 m£419.99
Large Tortoise Run3.0 m1.0 m0.5 m£549.99
Extra Large Tortoise Run3.0 m2.0 m0.5 m£719.99

The Outdoor Runs can be fitted to the All-Season Houses. The side sections at one end are fitted onto the house and the nearest top section is made about 5cm shorter so that it fits in front of the house. To access the tortoise house simply remove the nearest top section of the run.

The Small Add-on Outdoor Run shown in the pictures above are shown beside the Small All-Season House it was ordered with.  They had Wood Sage Paint Upgrade as described in the section on this page below.

The Outdoor Runs are secure and accessible with premium wood frame meshed side and removable meshed tops. They are constructed with solid tongue and groove wood cladding around the base to reduce your tortoise's natural instinct to try to escape. Rabbit Runs are not suitable because if your tortoise can see through mesh it will try to get through it and may hurt themselves or get stressed as a consequence. They are heavier in weight than rabbit runs and consequently are more difficult to burrow under or be lifted by your tortoise. The planed smooth wood used and plastic coated mesh is of high quality. The quality of the materials increases the security of the enclosure. The tops of the enclosures are removable and can be secured with hasp and staples. Hasp and Staples and Padlocks are also available on this page. Stain colour may vary compared to the colour shown in the photos. Different Colour Upgrade options are available towards the bottom of this page and incur additional cost. Free delivery for the Add-on Tortoise Run when ordered with an All-Season House.

Hasp and Staples

Constructed of stainless steel. They are used to secure the top of the Outdoor Tortoise Run to the sides with the addition of a padlock. Each top requires 2 Hasp and Staples to secure it, so for each Outdoor Tortoise Run size these are the number required; Small 4, Medium 4 and Large 6. Free postage with this item when buying an All-Season House.

Hasp and Staple     £4.99 each

Weatherproof Padlocks

The Master Weatherproof Padlocks are ideal for securing the doors of the All-Season Houses. The All-Season Houses are already fitted with Hasp and Staples. The padlocks are black with anti-scratch vinyl covering, aluminium body and a hardened steel shackle. Matching key head for easy identification. 2 keys supplied. For each All-Season House size these are the number required: Small 1, Medium 2, Large 2 and Extra Large 2. If buying the Add-on Tortoise Run then for each size; Small 4, Medium 4 and Large 6. Free postage with this item when buying an All-Season House.

Master Weatherproof Aluminium Padlock     £6.99 each

Cosy Tortoises Internal Paint

Protect the internal house with paint which is resistant to chipping, flaking, scuffing and scratching. This paint is also resistant to water, oil and grease stains. Available in black or pebblestone colour.

Small House£25.99
Medium House£30.99
Large House£35.99
Extra Large House£42.99
Giant House£64.99

Cosy Tortoises Colour Upgrade

Colour upgrades are available for the Tortoise Tables, Tortoise Runs and Tortoise All-Season houses. There is an additional charge for colour upgrade (details are on the relevant page of product interested in). Colour Upgrade are considered as Custom Orders and therefore you cannot cancel your order unless Cosy Tortoises fail to deliver your product. Please choose from colour option below.

All of the Cosy Tortoises All-Season Houses are treated with Oak-coloured wood stain as Standard. However for an additional charge, you can upgrade to one of the 12 colours shown here. The Garden Paint we use has a wax enriched formula which protects against water damage. This paint also has UV filters which prevent greying and maintain colour for longer. Add-Ons Tortoise Run colour upgrade is free if purchasing colour upgrade for the All-Season House. When you order please send e-mail to stating the colour you have chosen for your All-Season House.

Small Colour Upgrade£35.99
Medium Colour Upgrade£40.99
Large Colour Upgrade£45.99
Extra Colour Upgrade£52.99
Giant Colour Upgrade£74.99

Cosy Tortoises cannot guarantee that the paint colour chosen will look the same as displayed on the website, due to variation in product colour by the manufacturer and natural variations of the wood. Cosy Tortoises applies at least one coat of preservative wood paint and recommends further coats are applied after delivery according to the paint manufacturer's instructions. At least one further coat of paint is recommended so that any movement of external surfaces in transit are sealed thoroughly to ensure the house is weatherproof.

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