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Cosy Tortoises Boarding

Cosy Tortoises offers a dedicated boarding service for tortoises.  Providing specialist tortoise housing with access to a heat-lamp connected to dimmer thermostat. Tortoises will be provided with UV light for 12 hours per day. The appropriate UV level specific to the tortoise species will be provided.

Our Tortoise Boarding Houses are Natural ground tortoise houses with a Sloped Covered Run as a sunroom. The sunroom are permanently attached to the house so that the tortoise can move freely from house to run area.  The sunrooms have glazed side and top panels which are removable on sunny days, the remaining meshed frames allowing good air-flow.

Your tortoise will have access to water and natural food (you can bring your own food if your tortoise has a specific diet). Calcium will be supplemented to the food regularly.

Although, the ground in the enclosure is natural ground, the surface layer will be removed and replaced with fresh substrate appropriate for the new tortoise arriving.

Price is £20 per tortoise per day. A £20 non-returnable deposit must be paid to secure booking. Complete payment must be made a week before the boarding is due to begin. Unless this is a short notice booking which must be paid at the time of booking (if boarding is due to start in less than one week). Once payment is made, this is non-refundable. We would advise you to arrange travel insurance to cover for any unavoidable cancellation.

Drop off and collection are daily between 9.30 and 10.30 only. Late arrivals and/or collection will not be accepted unless agreed in advance. Booking will not be refundable if late for arrival. Extra days will be charged at £20, if you are late collecting your tortoise.

If your tortoise is unwell, we will not agree to board your tortoise. Only easily managed, long-term conditions would be acceptable, with prior arrangement and our consent confirmed before arrival. In this situation we would expect you to provide your vet’s details in case of complications.

If you wish to go ahead with booking, please make contact with us providing details of your tortoise with dates for boarding.

In rare cases, if we have to cancel your booking, you will be fully refunded. We will not be liable for any of your costs caused by our boarding cancellation.

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