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Innovative Tortoise Housing and Ideal Set-Up and Care Information

Mediterranean Tortoises

Temperature range: 10 - 30 degrees celsius

Humidity: Moderately dry - tortoises found on hard-packed soil or drier low fertility grass meadows typical

​Natural UV levels: Moderate equivalent approximately UVB 5% - tortoises typically hide from the sun during the hottest part of the day

Typical tortoise species are;

Hermann (T. Hermanni), Spur-Thigh (T. Ibera), Horsefields also called Russian or Afghan Steppe tortoises(T. Horsefieldi), Marginated (T. Marginata)

Recommended housing for Mediterranean Tortoises

All tortoises housed in the UK need permanent access to a heatlamp both indoors and outdoors.

​​Indoor Tortoise Tables set-ups are ideal as a back-up plan for hibernation preparation (mainly to prevent eating) or if your tortoise needs to recover from an illness.

The other important factor for housing your tortoise is knowing whether your species is damp-tolerant or not. Hermann, Marginated and Spur-thigh tortoises are reasonably damp-tolerant but Horsefields definitely are not.  Horsefield tortoises are generally found at higher altitudes in very dry places and are known to aestivate underground to prevent over-heating in mid-summer. Horsefield tortoises must not be allowed access to damp or wet grass and ground. A good proportion of playsand can be dug into at least part of their enclosure to ensure good drainage and a drier substrate.

​Indoor Tortoise Tables are a good back-up plans for all Mediterranean Tortoises.

All-Season Houses are good outdoor set-ups, ideally with their own Outdoor Run so you can tailor their outdoor planting and therefore food.

A good custom adaptation for Horsefields would be a covered run, where the tops have polycarbonate sheet to keep the outside area much drier with plenty air-flow through the sides.

Our new Natural Ground Housing would be an ideal option for all Mediterranean tortoises with the removable covered runs to keep them dry and warm enough all year round, whilst benefitting from being on soil and sand in their hide area.

If you own multiple tortoises the size of a set-up is important to keep stress levels to a minimum. Small All-Season Houses are appropriate for up to two adult smaller Mediterranean tortoises or one Marginated, a Medium House up to 4 smaller and 2 Marginated and a Large house up to 6 smaller and 3 Marginated.

Giant All-Season House may be more appropriate for a very large group of tortoises, being suitable for up to 15 Hermann, Spur-Thigh or Horsefierld tortoises or up to 10 Marginated with all three heatlamps fitted to ensure that they can all bask effectively at the same time.

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