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Cosy Tortoises

Innovative Tortoise Housing and Ideal Set-Up and Care Information

About Us

Cosy Tortoises is a small family run business that specialises in tortoise housing and care.  We began the business 12 years ago as a second job whilst looking after our young children.

Our interest in tortoises began many years before when we had pet tortoises ourselves.  When we met and developed our hobby there was very little satisfactory housing available.  So, we began the trial and error process of developing and adapting our own housing set-ups.  We found cold-frames too small and the glass thermally inefficient.  Polycarbonate greenhouses were warmer but too large and cost a fortune to keep warm enough for our Redfoot tortoises through the winter.  The All-Season House was the answer for our drier cold-tolerant species and the Natural Ground Houses for our Redfoot tortoises. Who need a much more constant background temperature and higher humidity all of the time.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and can find all of the information you need to make your tortoises as cosy and healthy as ours!

Cosy Tortoises is currently a two person team and although we will always endeavour to keep our tortoise website a personal, friendly service in the future we are hoping to expand and have a larger manufacturing team.  The main benefit will be to reduce the time it takes to have your handmade, eco-friendly tortoise houses ready as quickly as possible.  Please see our Eco-Friendly page for details of how we source all of our materials, paint and packaging as well as how we deal with and minimise our waste.  Details of how we keep our products Eco-friendly are on the individual product pages, specifically how we keep them thermally efficient to keep your electric bills low.

Thank-you for taking the time to read About us,

Russell and Anne-Louise Maynard

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We have just posted our first Blog entry will be creating regular newsletters soon.

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