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Custom Tortoise Table on Wheels

Custom Tortoise Table on Wheels made to any size.


All-season house on a decking?

Why not have your All-season house on the decking? Customer photo showing All-season House with small tortoise door in front of the small tortoise entrance. Ramp not shown in photo.


Pallet Delivery Service

Pallet Delivery Service- Most of our tortoise houses are delivered on a pallet fully assembled. 

Custom Natural Ground House with Greenhouse-style Run

Natural Ground Houses

Natural Ground Houses are a good way to provide a more natural habitat to encourage burrowing and egg-laying. For species who prefer higher humidity, you can just moisten the soil or sand easily with this set-up. The house is unaffected with good quality paint inside and out, as well as waterproof electrics, including a fused switch, timer and two sockets for UV and a heatsource. Photo shows a Bluebell painted house sitting on a breeze block wall.

Tortoises For Sale

Sulcata Tortoises CB 2020  £200 each

Hermann Tortoises £250 each, microchipped and paperwork

Horsefield Tortoises £140 each

Young Indian Star Tortoises  £300

Young Radiated Tortoises  £1200

Young Aldabra Tortoises  £2500


Nationwide delivery available at £60. 

Rear View- Small All-Season House with Sage Colour

Small All-Season House showing Sage colour

Cosy Tortoises offer a number of colours for the All-season House range.  The photo shows Sage colour.

New All-Season House Flat Pack Delivery Service

All of our Tortoise Houses are sent fully assembled on a pallet. If you have access issues flat pack tortoise houses (in about 6 pieces) may be better for you. There is a small additional charge due to extra wood. Please contact us for more details. Minimal assembly required.

Mega Mix Grow your Own Tortoise Food

Mega Mix Grow your Own Tortoise Food available from Cosy Tortoises. Have a look at our website for more details and prices.

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