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Overwintering and Hibernation

Summer is almost over and now is the time to decide on the options for your tortoises during the colder months.  Instead of moving your tortoises indoors and outdoors twice a day...why not improve your Outdoor set-up by providing a heatlamp and a run with a removable waterproof top.  Your tortoises can be outside more when it is cooler right until they go into hibernation in December or can be over-wintered outside regardless of species.  Over the next few weeks we are going to provide ideas in blogs for tortoises from all different natural habitats (for instance Mediterranean, arid, tropical etc. with different solutions for damp and draught intolerant species).

New Automatic Door For Your Tortoises

We are excited to bring in our new product design for your Tortoise- an automatic tortoise door which can open or close with a timed programmer or manually everyday.  Please contact us to find out more about our new product!


Summer sunshine!!

Hopefully your tortoises are enjoying our glorious summer sunshine!!  Why not look at our different houses which offer sunrooms for your tortoises in the cooler months. If you have any questions then please do get in touch via our Contact page.

Welcome to Cosy Tortoises new Phone friendly website!

Hi, we have just relaunched our website in a much more user-friendly and phone-friendly format.

We hope you enjoy it and welcome any feedback via our Contact page.




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