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Cosy Tortoises All-Season Tortoise Houses with Sunroom

An All-Season House with standard colour wood stain so you can overpaint with any darker shade you choose. The base coat applied is meant to provide a good first coat but should always be finished with the number of coats recommended by the stain manufacturer to ensure longevity of the stain.

Cosy Tortoises All-Season Tortoise Houses are designed to house tortoises all year round outside. They are fully insulated to protect against the cold, the wind, wet weather and over-heating in the sun.

  • Provides essential heating facilities for keeping your tortoises outdoors all year round and particularly when the UK has temperatures below 15 degrees C. This accounts for 8-10 months of the year.
  • Large enough space to provide a good temperature gradient. Ideal for closing tortoises in overnight when below 15 degrees C outside.
  • Walls, floors and roof are double walled with premium insulation in the cavity.
  • Doors can be locked and the windows are made of security glazing with high impact resistance.
  • Special UV transmissive polycarbonate which is specially sourced allows UVB to filter through. Glass cannot. UVB is essential for tortoises.
  • Very energy efficient housing.
  • Tortoise Ramp for easy access for Tortoises.
  • Tortoise access door is 25 cm wide by 15 cm high unless specified otherwise by the customer.
  • Cosy Tortoises Add-On Outdoor Tortoise Runs can be fitted to the house.
  • Fully assembled on arrival (pallet delivery).
  • Hasp and Staples and Turn buttons included and fitted.
  • Electrical Installation available with timed programmer for UV light and heat lamp sockets.
  • Heat and Light Pack available for the All-Season Houses.
  • Vine Eye included for fitting heat lamp.
  • Drip Mould fitted above the tortoise door to protect area below from rainwater.
  • Air Vents in the side near the heat lamp for adjusting the air flow seasonally.
  • If none of the four standard range are suitable for you then you can choose your own size. Please visit the Custom Housing Quote Form for more details on how to inform us about your requirements.
  • Electrical Installation, Electrical Packs and Gadgets are available for these All-Season Houses.
  • Colour Upgrade with 12 options available.
                                                                             Length   Width     Front to Back Height
Small All-Season House with Sunroom           1.0 m x  0.5 m x 0.8 m - 0.65 m     £829.99
Medium All-Season House with Sunroom        1.5 m x  0.5 m x  0.8 m - 0.65 m     £999.99
Large All-Season House with Sunroom            2.0 m x 0.5 m x 0.8 m - 0.65 m     £1399.99

The picture above shows a Small All-Season Tortoise House with a Sunroom. The tortoise house is one metre wide in total with a heated hide house on the left-hand side and the sunroom on the right. There are two full height doors on the front that give complete access to the two sides of the house. The waterproof stain may differ in colour than the shade shown in the photo. Colour upgrade is available for this product (12 options).

The picture above shows a Large All-Season Tortoise House with a Sunroom.


The Electrical Installation, Electrical Packages and other Gadgets are available for these All-Season Houses here.

Cosy Tortoises Outdoor Tortoise Run Add-Ons to the All-Season Houses

The Cosy Tortoises Outdoor Tortoise Runs can be fitted to the All-Season Houses. One end is fitted to the house directly. The Tortoise Runs are secure and accessible with premium wood frame meshed side and removable meshed tops. They are constructed with solid tongue and groove wood cladding around the base to reduce your tortoise's natural instinct to try to escape. Rabbit Runs are not suitable because if your tortoise can see through mesh it will try to get through it and may hurt themselves or get stressed as a consequence. They are heavier in weight than rabbit runs and consequently are more difficult to burrow under or be lifted by your tortoise. The planed smooth wood used and plastic coated mesh is of high quality. The quality of the materials increases the security of the enclosure. The tops of the enclosures are removable and can be secured with hasp and staples. Hasp and Staples and Padlocks are also available on this page. Stain colour may vary as to shown in photos. Different colour options are available towards the bottom of this page for additional price. Free delivery on the tortoise run only when ordering an Add-on Tortoise Run with an All-Season House.

Small Tortoise Run Add-on (1.5 m x 1.0 m x 0.5 m)             £239.99

Medium Tortoise Run Add-on (2.0 m x 1.0 m x 0.5 m)          £269.99

Large Tortoise Run Add-on (3.0 m x 1.0 m x 0.5 m)              £359.99


 Double All-Season House with Sunroom

Two All-Season Houses-in-One that arrive fully assembled with the sunroom in the centre. The individual heated areas at each end have air vents for seasonal control. They are two separate houses that allow you to keep tortoises apart but beside each other. An optional internal door can be included to allow mixing of tortoises temporarily. This may be the ultimate solution to housing a breeding set of tortoises that require separation due to the mating behaviour of some species, or simply to give the females a break.

                                                                            Length   Width     Front to Back Height
Small Double All-Season House with Sunroom         2.0 m x   0.5 m x  0.8 m - 0.65 m             £1999.99

Cosy Tortoises Hasp and Staples

Sterling 75mm Hasp & Staple

Cosy Tortoises Hasp and Staples are constructed of stainless steel. They are used to secure the top of the Outdoor Tortoise Run to the sides with the addition of a padlock. Each top requires 2 Hasp and Staples to secure it, so for each Outdoor Tortoise Run size these are the number required; Small 4, Medium 4 and Large 6. Free postage with this item when buying All-Season House.

Cosy Tortoises Hasp and Staple     £4.99 each

 Weatherproof Padlocks

Master Lock Black Aluminium Padlock 30mm

The Master Weatherproof Aluminium Padlocks are ideal for securing the doors of the All-Season Houses. The All-Season Houses are already fitted with Hasp and Staples. The padlocks are black with anti-scratch vinyl covering, aluminium body and a hardened steel shackle. Matching key head for easy identification. 2 keys supplied. For each All-Season House size these are the number required: Small 1, Medium 2, Large 2 and Extra Large 2. If buying the Add-on Tortoise Run then for each size; Small 4, Medium 4 and Large 6. Free postage with this item.

Master Weatherproof Aluminium Padlock     £6.99 each


Beware of the Tortoise weatherproof plaque for All-Season Houses

The plaque is made of marine resin and consist of the colour black and gold. The raised letters are in gold. The approximate size of the plaque are 5" x 4" and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Please note you will need to secure the plaque with the screws provided. Postage is free for this item when ordering with the All-Season House.

Tortoise Plague Sign - Beware of the Tortoise     £9.99



Cosy Tortoises Colour Upgrade

All of the Cosy Tortoises All-Season Houses are treated with Oak-coloured wood preservative as Standard. However for an additional charge, you can upgrade to one of the 12 colours shown here. It has a wax enriched formula which protects against water damage. This paint also has UV filters which prevent greying and maintain colour for longer. Add-Ons Tortoise Run colour upgrade is free if purchasing colour upgrade for the All-Season House. When you order please send e-mail to stating the colour you have chosen for your All-Season House. Please click here to see the colour options.

Small All-Season House with Sunroom              £25.99
Medium All-Season House with Sunroom           £30.99
Large All-Season House with Sunroom              £35.99

Cosy Tortoises cannot guarantee that the paint colour chosen will look the same as displayed on the website, due to variation in product colour by the manufacturer and natural variations of the wood. Cosy Tortoises applies at least one coat of preservative wood paint and recommends further coats are applied after delivery according to the paint manufacturer's instructions. At least one further coat of paint is recommended so that any movement of external surfaces in transit are sealed thoroughly to ensure the house is weather-proof.

Cosy Tortoises Internal Paint

Protect the internal house with paint which is resistant to chipping, flaking, scuffing and scratching. This paint is also resistant to water, oil and grease stains. Available in black or pebblestone colour.

Small All-Season House with Sunroom              £25.99
Medium All-Season House with Sunroom           £30.99
Large All-Season House with Sunroom              £35.99