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Heating for Tortoises

Heating for Tortoises


Tortoises are cold blooded reptiles and therefore cannot generate heat in their bodies.  They require a heat source in order to be active and thrive.


In their natural habitats tortoises source of heat is from the sun.   Some people think that the top of a to…

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Outdoor Tortoise Runs available in a range of custom colours

This Outdoor Tortoise Run was painted with Willow Paint as requested by a customer.

This is an Add-on Run was intended to fit onto an All-Season House.  So the end panel is missing and one top is slightly shorter to fit in front of the house.

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Custom Large Windows House - NEW! Designed with a customer

Custom Large Window All-Season House

The price for this set-up is £1800. A custom made order. For more details please contact Cosy Tortoises.


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Refrigeration Hibernation for Tortoises

Refrigeration Hibernation for Tortoises


Refrigeration hibernation is a method that has been used for many years amongst tortoise keepers.


There are both advantages and disadvantages using the refrigeration method.


Refrigeration hibernation can provide a constant temp…

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Simple Hibernation Tips for Tortoises

Simple Hibernation Tips for Tortoises:



Hibernation is a natural and essential part of a tortoises’s life.


Not all tortoises can be hibernated.  Tropical tortoises such as Redfoots, Indian Stars and several African species must not be hibernated because they don’t need to in…

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