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Cosy Tortoises

Innovative Tortoise Housing and Ideal Set-Up and Care Information

Livestock now available to buy from Cosy Tortoises

We have the following livestock available





Young Horsefield Tortoises £140

Young Hermann £160


Young Sulcata £160

Young Indian Stars £300


Young Radiated Tortoises £!200

Young Aldabra Tortoises £2500




Young bearded dragons- normal £110

Young coloured beaded dragons £120


Adults Leopard Geckos TBC


Young Geckos Normal £110

Young Gecko High Yellow £120


Young Red Tegu £350

Young Black and White Tegu £350


We offer next day, once a week delivery at £60 per order. Collection is on a Wednesday and drop-off is Thursday to customer location. 



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