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Blog posts October 2020

Large Custom Tortoise Table

Large Custom Tortoise Table with removable front polycarbonate window.  Dimensions 1 m x 1.4 m.  Please contact us for further information.


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Custom Tortoise Table on Wheels

Custom Tortoise Table on Wheels made to any size.


All-season house on a decking?

Why not have your All-season house on the decking? Customer photo showing All-season House with small tortoise door in front of the small tortoise entrance. Ramp not shown in photo.


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Pallet Delivery Service

Pallet Delivery Service- Most of our tortoise houses are delivered on a pallet fully assembled. 

Custom Natural Ground House with Greenhouse-style Run

Natural Ground Houses

Natural Ground Houses are a good way to provide a more natural habitat to encourage burrowing and egg-laying. For species who prefer higher humidity, you can just moisten the soil or sand easily with this set-up. The house is unaffected with good quality paint inside and out, as well as waterproof e…

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Tortoises For Sale

Sulcata Tortoises CB 2020  £200 each

Hermann Tortoises £250 each, microchipped and paperwork

Horsefield Tortoises £140 each

Young Indian Star Tortoises  £300

Young Radiated Tortoises  £1200

Young Aldabra Tortoises  £2500


Nationwide delivery available at £60. 

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Rear View- Small All-Season House with Sage Colour

Small All-Season House showing Sage colour

Cosy Tortoises offer a number of colours for the All-season House range.  The photo shows Sage colour.

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