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UV Lighting for Tortoises


Ultra Violet (UV) lighting is essential for tortoises.  UV light of the correct intensity is required to effectively metabolise vitamin D3 which is essential for the absorption of calcium.  A good intake of calcium is necessary for shell growth and replenishment regardless of age.  However it is particularly important for juvenile growing tortoises and egg-laying females for healthy hatchlings. These UV lights can also be used for growing plants and weeds. In general UVB 5.0 is suitable for most tortoises. Indian Stars should have UVB 10.0.

Exo Terra Linear Repti Glow Fluorescent bulb UVB 5.0

Repti Glo 5.0

Exo Terra Linear Repti Glow Fluorescent bulb UVB 10.0
Repti Glo 10.0
15" tube     £20.99

18" tube     £22.99

24'" tube     £27.99

36" tube     £33.99

42" tube     £38.99

48" tube     £40.99

Price includes delivery.

Cosy Tortoises Weatherproof UV Light Units

2ft 18w Non Corrosive Weatherproof Fluorescent Light Fitting
Cosy Tortoises Weatherproof UV Light Units are designed for both outdoor and indoor use giving your tortoises the required UV lighting. They can be fitted to Cosy Tortoises All-Season Houses, Sheds or Greenhouses. They can also be fitted to the Indoor Tortoise Tables. They will protect the tubes from being knocked. No starter units are required with this product.They are also ideal for aiding the growth of plants and weeds in the winter months. The unit is supplied with an indoor plug and 2 m of cable which is not connected. This should be wired by a qualified electrician before use. 2ft UVA or UVB tubes can be fitted to these units.

Unit without tube £42.99

Unit with 24" tube £62.99

Prices includes delivery.