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Cosy Tortoises Dome Information Page


The new design layout, insulation and materials will be presented on this page in the near future. 
Cosy Tortoises eco-friendly geometric All-Season Tortoise Domes range for your tortoises.  These Domes are designed and manufactured in the UK by Cosy Tortoises. The Dome structure is a near hemi-spherical design made up of a complex network of triangles, which makes it an extremely strong construction. They can be an attractive addition to your garden. 
The domes offer many benefits for tortoises.  The dome structures are easier to heat because the air is circulated around them more efficiently than a traditional box shaped greenhouse and they always present a large surface area towards the sun.  All of the domes have a window near the top of the structure should the environment become too warm.  They are suitable for keeping and growing indoor plants and if kept warm enough tropical plants. They are therefore ideal for setting up much more realistic Mediterranean or tropical type environments for your tortoises.
Cosy Tortoises finish the domes' triangular panels in five options - Tongue and Groove Cladding, Twinwall or Multiwall Polycarbonate, Coloured Acrylic (Solid opaque, Clear or a large number of transparent (see-through) colours) or Clear Glazing Polycarbonate. Please see the "Design your own Dome" page for more information about properties and photos of the materials on offer.


We offer four standard sizes in all design options. Should you require a size different to the designs on the All-Season Tortoise Domes page, then please contact us for a quote.